Rolling machine

Bending principle

1 - Steel roller
2 - Urethane roller
3 - Sheet metal
4 - Tubular chuck

Model M

With its simple, robust construction, it is perfectly suited to bending for small and large production runs, as well as for experimental work, involving thicknesses that do not exceed 1.5 mm.

Model B

A wide range of these machines is offered which, in particular, are designed for the most common thicknesses, ranging from 1.5 mm to 5 mm, with widths of 500 to 1,800 mm.

Type Sheet width in mm Thickness in mm
 M  500-650  1,5
 B  600-1800  4
 C  1000-1800  6
 D  1000-2000  8
 V  150  4

Series B and M accessories

Feed table :
This consists of a table, with guides, for inserting the sides of brackets in relation to the rollers’ axes.

Tubular chucks :
These tools are essential for bending. They are generally made from simple commercially available tubes which are machined inside and out. One chuck is necessary for each shell plate diameter and thickness to be made.

Tubular chuck support :
This enables the tubular chuck to be supported when you remove the completed shell plate.

Additional optional accessories

A bar for small rollers :
A support which is fixed in the place of the standard upper roller, on which it is possible to adapt small rollers for the execution of small diameter shell plates.

Small rollers with bearings :
It is possible to adapt a whole range of small interchangeable rollers on the bar, with different combinations of diameters and lengths.

Automatic tube ejector :
Designed particularly for large-dimension plates. It eliminates operator fatigue and enables greater production.

Automatic assembly for unbending, rolling and ejection purposes.