Design and manufacturing of special machinery

Lisse: Recognised experience and know-how. Today, on 5 continents, Lisse is placing the skill and experience of its staff at your disposal. It also responds to your assessment and inventory needs worldwide. Lisse will provide its expertise and advice to contribute to your decision-making. Founded over a century ago, Lisse is a company that now holds a predominant position in French-speaking countries as well as in the rest of the world, in the fields of expertise and intervention on your machinery lines (levellers, rolling machines) as well as in the field of personalised training. .


Levelling sheet metal consists of applying an undulatory deformation to sheet metal passing in-between rollers in a quincunx configuration. While they pass in-between the rollers ...

Rolling machine

Automatic Rolling machine, vertical rolling-machine, hydraulic rolling-machine, pneumatic rolling-machine, roll in only one pass, special machine...


Levellingrolls, straighteningrolls, cleaningrolls, pinchrolls
Any type any make...


With the help of its maintenance team, Lisse offers you mechanical, electrical, disassembly, adjustment and other services for any type of machinery...

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